May 29, 2011

another SALAZAR video. These dudes are bomb. 

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SALAZAR babes film skate indie boys vancouver

May 31, 2011

July 5, 2011

July 14, 2011


Next Tuesday, we’re hosting our semi-monthly ExPac — a party for Pacific Northwest expats and friends at Ace Hotel New York. Ghanaian band King Expressers are performing at 9pm — their guitarist, Mikey Hart, made this short documentary about BMX culture in Accra, Ghana. It’s pretty dope.

Come see King Expressers live on Tuesday night if you’re in the neighborhood. We’ll be double-fisting drink specials from The Breslin and telling war stories about tubing the Clackamas River.

 That’s totally what I’m like when I ride my cruiser.

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Bike Lords BMX Tricks Ghana Africa Boys

October 3, 2011